Solo Mining and Pool Mining

Solo Mining and Pool Mining
Solo Mining and Pool Mining

Understanding About Solo Mining and Pool Mining In Bitcoin

Solo Mining and Pool Mining . In mining Bitcoin, we will hear the terms solo mining and pool mining. Solo mining, that is, in mining Bitcoin done alone, without having to join with mining pool. Mining with solo mining can be said to be more difficult, though, the rewards earned will be much greater.

However, for the miners who managed to find the bitcoin blocks, will get a larger reward.Reward value of approximately 25 BTC. If dirupiahkan when dated this paper is made, is Rp.133.955.000, – (One hundred thirty three million nine hundred fifty five thousand rupiah) .

Again, in mining solo mining is almost impossible to do. Without a device that supports and valuable enough expensive, it will make a stump because of loss for expenditure on electricity, internet and maintenance of the device.

In addition, the degree of difficulty in mining Bitcoin over time will continue to grow.Moreover, if not supported by a device that is much faster and effective. These devices, costly.

While pool mining, is a container of miners who join together with other miners in solving bitcoin algorithm. How to mine together in pool mining is considered more effective, although later rewards are obtained smaller because in the process of mine done together.

The most common option of bitcoin miners is to bitcoin together and join the pool mining.Quite a lot of pool mining that can be used as a place to mine bitcoin, such as:
AntPool 144
F2Pool 130
BitFury 84
21 Inc.
BitClub Network
Canoe CKPool
Solo CKPool
Telco 214
myBTCcoin Pool

In order to join and start mining in the pool mining, the miners must register first in the pool mining options. Furthermore, the miners will get a username and password and can add their own ” worker “.

Worker is a term used in mining to distinguish miners in one miner user. This worker may amount to more than one, depending on the number of devices owned by the miner.

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