How to Mine Bitcoin with ASIC Miner

How to Mine Bitcoin with ASIC Miner
How to Mine Bitcoin with ASIC Miner

How to Mine Bitcoin with ASIC Miner . It can be said, mining Bitcoin with ASIC is one way that can still be done. Compared to using CPU Mining , GPU mining , or even using SmartPhone.

Why is that, because the power hashrate device CPU / GPU or SmartPhone can be said to be too small compared with the needs of electricity used. Not to mention the expenditure for internet connection.

Although mining Bitcoin using CPU / GPU / SmartPhone can still be done, but also more risky. Small computing power, electricity costs that may not be sufficient with the results obtained, and also the risk of our devices become damaged. Because the device we use is forced to work hard. If this is done continuously uncontrolled, then the hardware of our device can be overheated and damaged.

It would be better if you already know more about what it is mined bitcoin , the development of mine tools , the degree of difficulty mining, and also the knowledge of what is solo mining and pool mining .

If you still do not know about what the ASIC miner can read on Bitcoin Mining Efficiency article With ASIC , and also ASIC Manufacturer .

Devices Needed

  • ASIC Miner
  • Software. Can use CGMiner or BFGMIner
  • Mining Calculator Bitcoin, to know the picture of Bitcoin mined results that can be obtained based on the computing power of ASIC Miner devices that we use.
  • Additional cooler, can use additional fan (only if feasible).
  • Wallet Bitcoin, as a place to receive payments on mine proceeds.
  • Pool mining account, can use slush pool, or other pool mining.

How to Mining Bitcoin With ASIC Miner

Here is how to mine Bitcoin with ASIC Miner. Make sure you have downloaded CGMiner or BFGMiner software first.

  1. Connect ASIC Miner device to computer / laptop
  2. If you already know about the type and how much ASIC Miner computing power you have, you can try calculating Bitcoin results to be obtained using the Bitcoin Mining Calculator.
  3. Connect ASIC to pool Mining. If you do not have a pool mining account, you can register first at the slush pool .
  4. Pool mining configuration. The usual common configuration required is the address server pool and port , username “worker” , and Password , as well as the BitcoinAddress wallet . In the slush pool, here is the configuration:

URL: stratum + tcp: // 3333
user name: userID.workerName
password: anything

  1. Open CGMiner Software or BFGMiner.
  2. Enter your address pool, port, username, and password mining on the software.
  3. Run the software to start bitcoin mining.

Now you know how to mine Bitcoin with ASIC Miner. If you intend to do bitcoin mining with cloud mining . Make sure you’ve read some things you should know in the article Alert  Cloud Mining Suspicious .

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