Kinds and Bitcoin Wallets

Kinds and Bitcoin Wallets

Kinds and Bitcoin Wallets . It can be said, making Bitcoin Wallet, is the first step to be able to directly interact with Bitcoin. As in the previous discussion on the notion of the Bitcoin Wallet , that Bitcoin wallet serves as a storage place for Bitcoin, and then with the Bitcoin address, users can trade using Bitcoin.

First of all you need to have a Bitcoin Wallet. Bitcoin Wallet there are 5 kinds: Desktop Wallet, Mobile Wallet, Online Wallet, Hardware Wallet, and Paper Wallet. Below is the definition of each wallet.

Desktop Wallets
This Bitcoin wallet, using the software (software) wallet that must be installed on your own computer. With this software, users hold full control over their own Bitcoin purses. Bitcoin wallet software is already available in various platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and mac.Here are all kinds of software that can be used on your computer.
Bitcoin-QT is the original Bitcoin software

Mobile wallets
This Mobile Wallet, is a downloadable app on the phone, so it can be used anywhere on the phone or smartphone.
Bitcoin Wallet (Android)
Bitcoin Wallet (Blackberry)
Blockchain for the iPhone (hybrid mobile + web wallet)
Paytune (IOS) (hybrid mobile + web wallet)
Coinbase iPhone & Android (hybrid mobile + web wallet)

Online Wallets
wallet stored on a third-party server, a company that provides bitcoin storage services.Using web wallet means entrusting bitcoin to other parties.

Hardware Wallets
This Bitcoin wallet, is a Bitcoin wallet with a hardware form that works just like a typical Bitcoin wallet. This hardware, made by a particular company, and until now there are many kinds of devices that are already available in the market. Here are some kinds of Bitcoin wallet hardware:
Trezor hardware wallet
Ledger USB wallet

KeepKey, one of the Wallet Hardware

Paper Wallets
Bitcoin wallet in this form, is a Bitcoin wallet printed on paper or other physical media, including in the form of cards.Paper wallets are safer against digital theft like hacking, however, because of their physical form, making paper wallets more vulnerable to physical breakdowns.

Example form of Paper Wallet
Cloud Faucet Net

Cloud Faucet Net

Cloud Faucet Net is an online medium for sharing knowledge and information about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. It was first established in March 2017. Hopefully, it can be used as a source of information as well as a reference to the addition of useful knowledge, related to Bitcoin and the technology that surrounds it.

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