How to Secure a Bitcoin Wallet


How to Secure a Bitcoin Wallet

Before discussing how to secure a bitcoin wallet, please note in advance that there are several kinds of bitcoin wallet. Functions, as a place to store Bitcoin. There is a form of software (applications) that can be installed on your PC / Laptop, or on the mobile. In addition there is a wallet through the online site, and there is a form of hardware. More details about the variety and form of Bitcoin wallets can be found here: Bitcoin Wallet Shapes .

Current Bitcoin price fluctuations can be quite high. Because of the high price of Bitcoin, so it becomes the target of the attackers to be able to take your Bitcoin. The only way that Bitcoin theft can be done is to provide more security to the Bitcoin Wallet.

Some web-based wallet service providers such as or Coinbase and others, most also have additional security features. As with the feature 2FA (Two FactorAuthentification ). For more details here are things to note in order to secure your bitcoin wallet:


There are two things to know about Bitcoin wallet, which is about Private Key and Public Key. The public key functions as your Bitcoin address, which can be known by others. So with the public key you can receive Bitcoin submissions from others. In Bitcoin, Public Key is better known as Addresses (Bitcoin address).

Private key is a secret key, and only you know. If someone else knows your Private key, then chances are that person will be able to take your Bitcoin.

A description of the wallet function and its relation on Public and Private Key can be seen here: Definition of Bitcoin Wallet . If you want to know more how the function of Public key and Private Key works in Bitcoin System can be read further here: Public Key As Identity .


As already mentioned earlier, activating the 2FA feature is quite important. Two of these authentication factors work to provide identification of the true access to your Bitcoin wallet account. It also gives notification to the real owner. Notifications that appear when the bitcoin wallet can be accessed via sms, or also others.

To enable this two-factor authentication feature, it can be done by setting your bitcoin wallet settings. Both wallet-based websites as well as others. To set up this activation setting through the instructions that most have been provided by your wallet service provider. If it turns out your wallet on a website that does not provide 2FA features, you should need to move using another Bitcoin wallet.


Although this is commonly known by many people, but sometimes there are also many who underestimate the use of this password. When choosing a password, many people prefer a password that is easy to remember without regard to the strength and complexity of the password.

A strong password is a password that has approximately 12 digits and above. Besides it can also use a combination of uppercase and small, numbers, as well as certain symbols. That way, then you have established a sturdy fence as your protective security. Not just for bitcoin purses only, can also with other things related to the use of passwords.


Bitcoin Exchanger, generally a Bitcon exchange provider. Most of these Exchanger sites have their own wallet. Moreover, the greater the risk if the site has a feature to generate new bitcoin addresses. Instead, transactions on this exchanger site is not a large amount, nor in a long period of time.


Currently there are various kinds of Bitcoin wallets in the form of a hardware or hardware.The use of this hardware-shaped Bitcoin wallet will improve how to secure your bitcoin wallet. Some wallet hardware that can be considered such as TREZOR , Pi-Wallet, Ledger HW, Hardbit or other devices.

This use does not have to be, but if you want more security on your Bitcoin wallet, this can be considered for use. However, most people today use more wallet services based on websites and wallet software such as Armory or Electrum . If some way of securing theabove bitcoin wallet is done, then you have maximized the security of your bitcoin wallet.

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