How to Make Bitcoin Address . As we already know, that bitcoin address, generated through the generating process through hashing public key and private key . And this process is done randomly, with a pretty good random source pattern. So the chances of generating the same generate address, are very small. Or almost impossible.

Inside Bitcoin, using a certain digital signature scheme, called ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm). This scheme is a standard scheme used by the American government.By using ECDSA, can be a method to produce randomness with a pretty good level. This pattern is also used to generate a pair of public keys and private key . The goal is certainly to better maintain the level of security. Because it can minimize the same generate key, as mentioned above.

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Let’s continue the discussion on how to create this cool bitcoin address.

Based on the process of randomizing this key pair, people then want to be able to generate a unique address. Or commonly called the Vanity Address. If in Indonesian, the meaning is ” Address Kesegongan “ . Why is it called arrogant, because the process of generating the address is quite complicated. There are hundreds to millions of possibilities later. Based on how many digits of the target letter we want.

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So how can make that unique address? There is a developer who has created the app. The application name is VanityGen . With the application, it means the process will be more or less like mining. Why so? Because we are doing the hashing process using the randomization pattern, ECDSA .



  • first download the VanityGen app for Windows
  • Extract the file in the location you selected
  • Open CMD, by click run, then type CMD and run.
  • “Click and Drag” Vanity.exe file into CMD. So it will automatically read ” path ” (location) file in CMD.
VanityGen app for Windows
  • Once the file location is read, to start the generate key, it should start with the number “1”. Because Address Bitcoin should start with the number “1”. Suppose we want to create with the name ” PUMA “, then written with ” 1PUMA “. Some characters such as the letters “i”, “l”, “0”, “O” can not be used. Why is that? Please read again on How to Save Bitcoin which discuss about Vanity Address .
  • If it is written, then press Enter to start the generate key process. From this process, it will look just like in the mining process. Namely there are levels of difficulty, which describes the choice of characters we use, and also based on the level of probability. Because basically, one character will have 56 possibilities. Based on the number of Base58 used in Bitcoin. The more complicated and character our character, the process will take longer.And will make your PC / laptop hot. Just as in the process of mining Bitcoin.
VanityGen app for Windows 2
  • If it has been done and done. So now you have a pair of public key , and also private key .And this process is actually the same as done by all existing wallet devices. Namely by generating a pair of keys at random. This generated private key, will we need to import to our wallet.


  1. First download VanityGenMaster source code
  2. Extract File
  3. Open Terminal
  4. Change the directory to the location of the extracted file td. Type “CD locationFile” Press enter.
  5. Install some libraries needed to compile the VanityGenMaster. Type below, then hit enter afterwards.

Sudo apt-get install libssl-dev libpcre3-dev

  1. enter the password, then press “y” to continue.
  2. Now compile the sourcode. Type as below, then hit enter.


  1. VanityGen is ready to use.
  2. The process is almost the same as in the windows above. Will generate a pair of keys.How to enter the word should start with the number ” 1 “. Suppose we will make the word PUMA , meaning later typed ” 1PUMA “.
  3. Now call the VanityGen app that we compiled earlier. Type as below, then hit enter.

./vanitygen 1PUMA

  1. After successful, then we have a pair of keys.


The last step in the discussion on how to create this cool bitcoin address, is to import the vanity address into the wallet. Here the EB uses Armory. So later Vanity address made td, imported into Armory. If you want to import to another wallet, please ask your wallet support how to do it. Here’s a step to import the unique address we created earlier.

  • Open Armory
  • Click the Wallet Properties menu
VanityGenMaster 2
  • Click Import / Sweep Private Keys
VanityGenMaster 3
  • Click OK on the warning window that appears
VanityGenMaster 4
  • Copy and paste Private key that we have from the generate key td, as in the picture.
  • Two options below, if we select Sweep, it will remove all funds from the previous wallet.So basically, this sweep means it also removes everything that comes from the previous wallet. This option can be used, if we get a pair of keys (public key and private key) from people or other parties.
  • The second option, will only import the address from the old wallet to the new wallet.Make sure if you select this second option, if and only if, only you yourself access the pair of keys.
  • When selected, click ” OK “
  • When the Verify Address window appears, make sure that the public key (address) is the same as the one we generated earlier. If the same, press ” YES “.
  • And it’s done. We already have Vanity Address . And we also successfully import into our wallet.

In the import process earlier, can also be applied to move from one wallet to another wallet. However, you should really understand the risks if you make a mistake. Moreover, if the address is moved, there is a certain amount of Bitcoin in it. Now, you already know how to create a cool bitcoin address, or Vanity Address .

Hopefully useful, and good luck.

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