Bitcoin Units

Bitcoin Units Needed to Know

Bitcoin Units

Please note that the Bitcoin Unit uses a special unit. The Bitcoin unit is required to make Bitcoin transactions no fault.

Units in Bitcoin:
1. Milli Bitcoin
2. Micro Bitcoin
3. Satoshi

Here is an explanation of each unit used in Bitcoin:

Milli bitcoin
One milli bitcoin is worth one per thousand bitcoin (0.001 bitcoin). One bitcoin consists of one thousand milli of bitcoin. Milli bitcoin is shortened (mBTC) and reads mi-bit.

Micro bitcoin
One micro bitcoin is worth one per million bitcoin (0.000 001 bitcoin). One milli of bitcoin consists of a thousand micro bitcoin and one bitcoin consisting of a million micro-bitcoin.Micro bitcoin abbreviated (μBTC) and read yu-bit or bits only.

This is the smallest unit of bitcoin. The name of this unit is taken from the name of the inventor Bitcoin: Satoshi Nakamoto. One bitcoin consists of one hundred million Satoshi.One micro bitcoin consists of 100 satoshi and one milli of bitcoin consisting of 100 000 satoshi. As of this writing, the value of one satoshi is only 5 cents Rupiah.

0.000 000 01 BTC = 1 satoshi
0.000 000 1 BTC = 10 satoshi
0.000 001 BTC = 1 μBTC (micro)
0.000 01 BTC = 10 μBTC
0.000 1 BTC = 100 μBTC
0.001 BTC = 1 mBTC (milli)
0.01 BTC = 10 mBTC
0.1 BTC = 100 mBTC
1 BTC = 1 BTC
10 BTC = 10 BTC
100 BTC = 100 BTC
1,000 BTC = 1 kBTC (kilo)
10,000 BTC = 10 kBTC
100,000 BTC = 100 kBTC
1,000,000 BTC = 1 MBTC (mega)
10,000,000 BTC = 10 MBTC

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