ASIC Resistant Puzzle

ASIC Resistant Puzzle
ASIC Resistant Puzzle

ASIC Resistant Puzzle – Resistant to ASIC Devices

ASIC Resistant Puzzle . On previous occasions about Puzzle Bitcoin , we have mentioned there are several other alternative puzzles that can be used in the cryptocurrency mining ecosystem. One is the ASIC Resistant Puzzle puzzle .

We certainly know, that in Bitcoin mining, everyone can participate in the network. Although they only use limited devices only, such as CPU devices only.

Bitcoin mining participants with CPU devices, they can contribute in Bitcoin, and also have the opportunity to make a profit , if his attempt solves the puzzle with a certain degree of difficulty at that time.

Furthermore, the Bitcoin mining ecosystem is growing. Likewise, most miners, more eager to be able to solve Bitcoin puzzles faster and more efficiently . Efforts to solve puzzles faster and more efficiently, meaning that miners are also trying to minimize the swelling of the cost of spending on the amount of hash power they contribute. In bitcoin mining, the cost is of course related to the energy needed, namely electrical power, connection, and also the device used.

The next development, the miners began to use the GPU , and also FPGA . Lapse shortly after many are using FPGA, some ASIC producers are starting to enter in creating special chips to make mining run faster and more efficiently.

The changing of the ASIC mining device era, making mining ecosystem more dominant. Of course, the main cause is that previous devices are no longer optimal to use even if they are still usable.

Being not optimal, because if current miners are using CPU devices, GPUs and FPGAs, they could be more difficult and the amount of costs incurred for their hash power is greater than the profit they can get.

The result is that most of the small miners in the Bitcoin mining ecosystem get less chance to participate. In addition, when the dominance of mining is more controlled by ASIC, the main fear is that the network can be controlled by the owners of a large power hash.

Most people in the Bitcoin community feel this condition has become quite risky. The removal of small miners who use CPU and GPU devices, making the mining ecosystem no longer diverse.

In the original paper of Satoshi Nakamoto, alluded to the phrase “One CPU one vote” . The phrase, much to mean that Bitcoin is expected to become a democratic system. That everyone can participate and have the same position in the network.

However, these developments are, of course, unavoidable and inevitable. Because basically, technology will also continue to evolve and evolve. Likewise in Bitcoin mining.

For the above considerations, then this alternative ASIC Response Puzzle appears. In general, this puzzle is enabled to minimize the customization of special purpose mining devices such as ASIC.

The hope is for the puzzle will be done on most of the existing devices, such as on the CPU and GPU. So the chances of many people who can contribute to it are also more wide open and more diverse.

ASIC, It can work more efficiently and faster. However, if the preparation of the puzzle can be more specific to disarm the features on the ASIC device, then the puzzle can be cheaper for all miners. Because miners can use their computer devices. Or even if necessary, miners can also use their mobile device. The target of this puzzle achievement, obviously to be able to overcome the gap between the dominance of special mining devices such as ASIC, with the tools commonly used.

Now, let’s take a look at some of these ASIC resistant puzzles.

Memory Hard Puzzle

This puzzle is the most widely used puzzle, designed to be more resistant to ASIC devices.Memory Hard Puzzle, it means that the puzzle required a large amount of memory to perform computing.

Memory performance improvement is slower than processor, so it is more stable.
Memory performance improvement is slower than processor, so it is more stable.

The only assumption that allows the emergence of this puzzle is because of the level of performance in a computer device, memory is considered more stable than the processor.In the era of 80s until the 2000 era, both the performance between memory and processor are equally increased. However, memory performance is much more stable than the processor.

In this case, improved memory performance is much slower than the processor. Thus, the use of large memory in terms of solving this puzzle is considered more advantageous as an ASIC resistant puzzle. It is quite possible to avoid the device gaps as mentioned above.

It means that, hopefully in future generations, the development of the device in the future hope is also able to run more slowly. So that the mining ecosystem can also run more stable.

The use of this hard puzzle memory is not the same as CPU usage. The outline, on this hard puzzle memory requires greater memory access time. So the calculation of the overall time required for computing the puzzle is also based on the amount of time required to access the memory (memory bound) .

So, if the resistance on a device is due to CPU speed factor, then it can still be overcome by accessing device memory to be able to solve the puzzle in parallel. Well, if you want to be able to do larger puzzle computing, of course also have to spend more to access this memory.

The question is, how can it be said that this hard puzzle memory can be enabled to be more resistant and resistant to ASIC?

In a computer device, only a small portion can be used to compute hash functions. In contrast to ASIC, because it is made specifically to compute certain hash functions in mining. By implementing certain functions only specifically, then ASIC can work more leverage and faster.

In addition, there is a diversity of memory performance. It can be said, the cost of performance is also lower than computing using processors. So if the puzzle is compiled based on memory hard, which only requires a more simple calculation, but requires a large memory for the computation process. That is, the cost required to solve the puzzle will also increase, but more slowly, directly proportional to the increase in memory development.

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