Anonymity Bitcoin

About Anonymity In Bitcoin

Anonymity Bitcoin

Anonymity Bitcoin. Often we hear that Bitcoin is Anonymous. Is it true that Bitcoin Anonym? If you look from the side of the basic concept of Bitcoin, this digital currency does not require third party intermediaries in the transaction process. In addition, to start interacting with Bitcoin does not require complicated and complicated requirements, nor does it require any identity cards.

If the above is rated as an anonymity then of course the answer is yes. Let’s look again from BlockChain side. BlockChain is a large database link of all transactions in Bitcoin.

Instead, BlockChain’s technology actually explains that it is not entirely true that Bitcoin is anonymous. BlockChain, records all transactions of all Bitcoin users in the world. Also, Block Chain Blockco is a public ledger, and its transaction data is widely distributed publicly.

What makes anonymous is the bitcoin address that only consists of a series of numbers that may be difficult to trace the owner. Because in the series of numbers there is no data of the owner. Meanwhile, the history of the transaction will remain neatly recorded, and can be known the amount of value.

So far, the notion that Bitcoin is a safe haven for money laundering, terrorism and so on, is one side that it can happen anywhere, at any institution. If indeed the perpetrators of the criminal act take advantage of Bitcoin technology in its activities, then precisely therein lies the error. Because all activities will be recorded entirely, and all will be traced the history of the transaction.

Some cases that have involved Bitcoin like in Silk Road , finally opened the eyes of the investigators to be able to utilize BlockChain in tracking the entire history of the transaction.In fact, what happens in the US government is trying to train investigators and the US police to use blockchain in tracking the perpetrators of these criminal acts.

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